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Our Dark Fantasy Manga - Comic 

Embark on an epic adventure with Afronomenon Studio and our groundbreaking comic series, "Judgment Day"! Join the journey of Anarchious and Ace as they navigate a world of mutants, werewolves, and vampyrs in their quest for truth and justice. Our fan-driven and crowd-funded studio is committed to pushing boundaries and providing representation and inclusion in the industry. Get ready for a thrilling experience unlike any other and satisfy your craving for something different with "Judgment Day"! Join us in our mission to break taboos and challenge the status quo. Your support means everything to us!

Subscribe to find out:​

Subscription includes:

  • All Judgment Day manga - comic hybrid

  • FREE merch 

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to content (inc. NSFW)

  • Prizes (Trinket, Stickers, etc.)

  • Can choose to appear in the comic

  • Able to affect the world of Judgment Day

And much, much more. All for supporting this gripping dark tale inspired by Mythology (Mainly, West African), Hip-hop, and Sienen Mangas.

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About US

Afronomenon Studio was founded by three artists looking to tell a different brand of stories. Dark Fantasies that are unapologetically black and will not shy away from taboos.

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