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Judgment Day | The Novel Series 1

Judgment Day | The Novel Series 1

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Vampyr and Lycans. Witches and Warlocks. Demons and Gods. Mutants and Humans. Things are chaotic on the planet Terrabelle. There is no order, no laws. Only one rule – survive or be consumed. It’s this mantra that is engrained in Anarchious, a mutant on the cusp of adulthood. He is thrust into a journey to be reunited with his family while simultaneously dealing with his power and suppressed emotions. This adventure proves to be more difficult than he ever imagined as he continuously runs into dangerous obstacles. Judgment Day is the tale of this journey, and with several interesting characters who assist him along the way, Anarchious finds much more than he bargained for.


    The book that started it all! It was all a dream in the head of artist Jonathan Martinat the age of 12. Already an artist influenced by like the likes of Gargoyles, Dragon Ball Z, and Samurai Jack, he heard the song 'Judgement Day' by GOAT'd Rapper Method Man in the early 2000's. This gave him a vivid image of a story inside his head, THIS STORY. Only he didn't know how to write a book or how to go about creating a comic. So, he spent roughly 14 years writing ideas down and creating characters. When time was right, he began writing this story, Judgment Day.


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