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Afronomenon Studio was founded by three classmates looking to tell a different brand of stories. Stories that exit the "safe region" and voyage into the deepest darkest  forbidden zone. We focus on Dark Fantasies that are unapologetically Black and will not shy away from taboos.

Ilsa Tang How
2D Illustrator/Animator

Gyal from the US Virgin Islands. Avid character/comic Illustrator. She's a self taught 2D animator looking to express her creative freedoms and break the taboos of "the industry". Obsessed with Seinen Manga.

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Jonathan Martin
2D Illustrator/Animator - Writer

A child of Boom bap Hip-hop and Cartoons. Has a BFA, major Media Arts & Animation. He's Mastermind behind Judgment day the series of novels and graphic novel inspired by African Gods and Goddesses and Seinen Manga.

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